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Infinite Generation

Have you ever wondered when all of the bad news about the economy and the financial world was going to end?

Is there ever a time that things would possibly go back to being OK and maybe even better than that? -

when things would all be headed in the right direction again? -

onwards and upwards - ushering us into a more prosperous and financially stable period in the history of mankind than ever before?

well - this is exactly the point that the entire world is poised to enter -

when world leaders begin to realize the cooperation as opposed to competition is the only chance that so many interests in the world have any chance at all of surviving let alone succeeding -

and without the coming change there is little hope for many of the individuals living on this planet to survive let alone thrive as many of them are still hopeful of doing -

and how are all of these changes and redirections and positive changes going to be introduced in order to make or encourage or indicate to people the way that they must go in order to see this better - brighter more hopeful world ahead?

it all starts right here - with art - not just any art - no ordinary randomly created - self indulging art can have any effect on the world - any more than it has helped to get us to this point in history where we are today -

but art that can make the human beings of today and tomorrow think -

since think is the most important thing that any human being has done throughout history in order to help us get to the this point in time where there is so much potential for us to go that onwards and upwards route -

and just where do you think this thinking will start from and where will it take us as a human race and where will the individuals who are going to do this thinking get their inspiration - motivation - the seeds for their ideas as well as many of their actual ideas themselves?

Think - within your own thinking -

and look for your answers right where you are -

they are right here - within yourselves

and many of the tools that are and will be able to help you

are within these galleries -

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Walter Paul Bebirian